World class technology

Spanning the United States, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan, & China


X-Golf prides itself on accuracy, experience and realism.

Our R & D department has spent over 15 years designing, developing and redesigning the most advanced high speed cameras, lasers, optical and impact sensors. This sensory technology combined with a strong 3D physics engine and high performance CPU to create the world’s most accurate range of golf simulators.

This new technology measures not only the motion vector of the golf ball, but also the movement of the golf club, such as path, angle of attack, trajectory and velocity. This allow us to perfectly replicate the golf balls flight physics. (Fade, draw, hook, slice) It does not stop there with the impact sensor measuring fat or thin shots, tops and all the things that can go wrong when playing off real grass.


Unique combination of light, laser and optical sensors measuring REAL data

Delivering unrivaled accuracy, experience and realism!

What do X-Golf simulators measure to determine your shot shape, carry and distance?

Club Path


Club Head Speed

Ball Direction

Launch Angle

Ball Speed

Spin Rates

Smash Factor

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